So rock star games finally release the most anticipated game of the 2014 on play station 4 and Xbox one . Gta 5 ps4 game play looks awesome on next gen consoles and yet the game coming out on PC in 2015 . There were tons of gta5 ps4 bundle deals online and people had the game along with ps4 on number one at their shopping list . Rock Star did announce some extra content for next gen consoles . Gameplay of gta 4 already looks awesome and mind blowing on next gen consoles . GTA5 will be on pc soon and those who signed  a petition online will be laughing now .As always rock star does the stuff in secret so they can make most of from their products. They have released the game on ps3 and xbox 360 and never announced on pc until end of this year they have announced it for pc on 2015 so they can easly sell the game on to next gen consoles . However PC gaming lovers are still in wait for the game .But those who have a bit of extra cash are planning to go for next gen consoles to enjoy the extra content . The most important stuff i have forgot to mentioned is first person . which is coming on ps4 and xbox one . You can use different mods to make ti look first person in PC and this time they decided to give it a go on next gen consoles it might come on PC aswell then we dont need to use the mods any more. As always a quick and safe gaming deal in below you can head on the merchant simply clicking the link below.

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