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Far cry primal review

far cry primal another poor attempt and desperation of ubi soft . Experianc the entire game within few days . You are entering in to the land of Oros and called winja, you have to find and gather other winja to bring them to you in your village . You will also came across other…

battlefield 4 review

After reading bad reviews on amazon it will put me off buying this game in its early days so now that i had my hands on battlefield 4 then i will give  you a honest battlefield 4 review . Game itself isnot that bad and…

Mass Effect 2 for PC

Electronic Arts BioWare Action Role-Playing Release: Jan 29, 2010 » PEGI: 18+ If you have played Mass Effect 2 then leave your comments below about the game,Comming soon Masseffect 2 PC cheats, so stay tunned with