Nick Jonhson claims to caught all rare Pokemon in north america. he has shared a Reddit claiming that he only walked 95 miles and hatched 303 eggs and caught 4000 plus Pokemon to complete his US pokedex.
He also mentioned that the remaining Pokemon are just not available in the region .
Pokemon go a recent mobile video gaming craze . which is driving people out of there houses and not only kids elders are also playing this game without knowing much about it . Pokemon go you have to make your whereabouts visible to google so that you can access google maps and go for rare Pokemon hunt . ‘Pokémon Go’ also requires an internet connections so that you will be able to play the game .
People also had issues while playing Pokemon where some end up in a ditch or going to a private property and getting shot fired at them . You have to look in your surroundings but due to you  have to have focus on the screen to do a perfect shot you some time unaware what is happening around you . Now this is a serious issue as you can end up on a busy road. There are news about people involved in crash due to they were playing pokemon . Few videos has been shared on you tube sharing bad Pokemon experience .

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