Fan of Mario Kart Then new mario kart 8 wii u is here to buy and to enjoy . Well mario kart lovers are going to buy the game anyways . There are is a lot of  fun in new mario kart 8 . New adventures with a lot of fun you can play the game online with your friends and family . Its more fun playing on WII U . however game is also available on Nintendo wii .To be honest it did not had much time playing mario kart 8 but i can say after reading reviews from multipal top plat forms i guess its a recommended game . Some gaming review plat forms are rating this game had 8 out 10 overall rating.

At last i should say Mario kart 8 will be fun addition if you are planning to buy mario kart 8 wii u video game . I manage to buy a best deal on mario kart 8 and am sharing the link below if you are planning to buy the video game . If you already playing mario kart 8 then  your comment under this thread will be much appreciated . Let us and other know what do you think about mario kart 8 are you recommending this game for play ?

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