Call of duty ww2

It’s has been revealed today by sladge hammer games that call of duty ww2 early beta will be Available to play only on PlayStation 4.

When early beta call of duty ww2 be available ?

Cod ww2 early beta only be available if you place a preorder of the game for PlayStation 4. Call of duty ww2 will be release on November 3rd 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox one and pc gaming platforms .

Extra cod ww2 information.

Further game play and information regarding cod ww2 will be released in E3 video gaming confrance. Today’s 26th April in a world wide trailer revealed of cod ww2 few guns and multiplayer also been shown. Looks like activision and sladge hammer games realised their mistake with previous code which we saw one of the mist hated trailer in history of YouTube. Which had 1000s of dislikes . It was way too early that a new code is being introduced just only a years gap . Seems like activision learned from battlefield and instead of going advance real life non existence gaming features they are reverting back to old and roots of cod. Reason why boots on the ground is mentioned tons of times while this cod ww2 world wide official reveal.

Preorder cod ww2

If you are planning to give call of duty ww2 beta gameplay a try the preorder your copy of the game below and help support us bringing you more content.

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