Grand theft auto one of the most anticipated game and waited game ever. Grand theft auto 5 was released back in 2013 and its still going strong for the platforms such as Playstation 4 and Xbox One and pc . Where game was released after the actual release on ps3 and xbox 360.

Why new gta 6 taking long.

if you look in to latest grand theft auto 5 where it has been given a full details in to every little thing. From ground of map to signs adverts. vehicle handling etc. Everthing was spot on and mind you grand theft auto 5 came after 5 years. Rockstar always keep things in secrete and they never tell you any tail . So far there are new mods been added in to grand theft auto 5, new vehicles etc.  This is another tactic to keep user intact . However there are informations from verious sources about gta 6. It might be some stories series same as grand theft auto vice city stories.

Where gta 6 map will be based.

There are stories online those indicate that rockstar / take 2 intractive games are planning to do new gta some where abroad . Such as tokyo, china, londong etc. But in my personal opinion RockStar games not going to make this mistake . There is another video game sleeping dog is head to head based in tokyo .

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